Monday, June 30, 2008

Fourth of July hog dinner at Atkins Park

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Executive Chef of Atkins Park in Virginia Highland, Andrew Smith, has plans for a 120 pound Fourth of July pig. A "meat and three" lunch and dinner for $15 will feature a roasted Berkshire pig from Riverview Farms.

Choices of sides include coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, grilled corn, pole beans and tomato cucumber salad. The cost also covers cornbread or Texas toast, a watermelon slice and three sauces — NC vinegar, tomato BBQ and mustard BBQ.

The pig should serve 60-70 plates, so plan ahead and make reservations. Call 678-513-2333.

(Image of pig with sun shades from

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Celebrate "The Running of the Bulls" at Cuerno

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In the Spanish city of Pamplona, natives and tourists come together for one week to celebrate the famous "Running of the Bulls." You've probably seen pictures or updates on the news about multitudes of people running wildly down the streets being chased by large and angry-looking horned animals.


From July 7-14, Cuerno will bring this tradition to Atlanta, except without the fear of being gored or trampled by a bull. Specials include $5 sangria ($20 for a pitcher), and $4 pinxtos (basque tapas). The festival wrap up party on Mon., July 14 will offer complimentary tapas and live flamenco performances.


Cuerno is located at 905 Juniper Street and is open for dinner Monday through Thursday from 5:30-12 p.m., and Friday and Saturday until 1 a.m. To make reservations, call 678.904.4584.


(photo courtesy Wikipedia commons)

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The scoop on Spoon Eastside

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As Cliff mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the Westside’s most popular Thai restaurant is heading east.

Spoon co-owner Sujaree Hewitt just told me she and her sister, Ain Suteeluxnaporn, plan to open Spoon Eastside in the fall. The restaurant, which will be about the same size as the Marietta Street location (except it will have a patio), will be located in the Ormewood Park shopping center (749 Moreland Ave.) that already houses the more lactose-oriented Little Azio pizza and Morelli Gourmet Ice Cream.

“I think lunch will be a little bit slower than here,” said Sujaree, whom I ran into at the original restaurant. “But dinner definitely stronger — lots of neighborhood people.”

Sujaree got an MBA at Georgia State and handles the front end, while her sister learned how to become a chef at the Atlanta Art Institute. Kid brother Wind Suteeluxanaporn (yes, he spells his last name differently) helps out.

“We’ll have to rotate” between the two stores, Sujaree said.

The menu will likely be the same simple lineup — highlighted by noodles and curries, with interchangeable meats and heat.

This sounds like a pretty good move, doesn’t it? Southeast Atlanta, like the Westside before Spoon came along, is a bit underrepresented in the Asian food department. I’d be surprised if the sisters didn’t strike the same chord they managed to hit on Marietta Street.

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Headed to Italy?

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My friend Brad Lapin, the part-time resident of Rome and the most ardent foodie I know, writes today:

We thought of you yesterday afternoon as we ate our way to a newer, better level of joy at Antonello Colonna's little restaurant 30 k. outside of Rome. Undoubtedly, the best restaurant we've ever eaten at in Italy, perhaps anywhere...Let me say only that mere words cannot do justice to the cooking.

Believe me. If the loquacious Brad, says it's beyond words, it must be sublime. Check it out here. I love the quote on the opening page.

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They're baaaaaaaaack

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Last year, we caught ten 'possums inside the house raiding the cats' food. Wayne got very good at herding them into a cat carrier and transporting them across the street to Grant Park. (No, they did not waddle back to the house. Wayne, being a scientist, was careful to note nose and coat color.)

This young one, not quite fat enough for cooking, is the first of the season. If you'd like to reserve a 'possum for your Thanksgiving dinner, please do so now.

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Vortex folks play dead

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I think it must be a sign of the economic times that every foodie in the city seems to have made a beeline for the inexpensive, new Bone Garden Cantina (1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd., 404-418-9072). Located in the Westside, not far from Taqueria del Sol, Bone Garden has been opened by the same people who operate the Vortex restaurants.

The best thing about the place is its decor. The theme is taken from the Mexican Day of the Dead. If you're not familiar with the holiday, think of a campy treatment of death (or rent the video Under the Volcano, which is set during Day of the Dead).

The food is pretty hit or miss. A "white" pozole has drawn raves from other diners, but I found it almost too salty to eat. This was probably a fluke; consistency is always a problem with a new restaurant. So far, my favorite dish has been the chicken mole. It's a very rich mole with lots of playful flavors, garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds.

There's a variety of enchiladas, tacos, burritos and sopes. Among the fillings, I've so far liked the barbacoa and brisket best.

Check out pictures by Jennifer Zyman, the Blissful Glutton, here. Also see the Disposable Income blog here.

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4th and Swift opens

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(621 North Ave., Bldg. B, 678-904-0160) has opened and it's one of the most interesting interiors I've seen in our city in some time.

The design firm of ai3 didn't merely incorporate elements of the old Southern Dairies engine room, but heightened the overall post-industrial effect. I especially like the way the light is managed to partition the large, open space (although it sure isn't helpful to photographers). Imagine a swank dining space in Blade Runner.

I dined there Sunday, during the restaurant's "soft opening" and had a very good meal, including this escabeche of white shrimp with a roasted cauliflower salad.

The restaurant did not have its pouring license when we visited, so if that's important to you, call ahead to find out if it's gotten one yet.

I'll have more to say in an upcoming Grazing column.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)

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Friday, June 27, 2008

A few days too soon

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News Flash: Man allegedly impersonates waiter at Nickiemoto's, snatches purse and flees. Victim kicks off her high heels and pursues him, enlisting cops, who tackle and arrest him. (Get the full story here.)

Too bad this didn't occur after July 1. That's when we'll be able to carry concealed guns to restaurants and blow the heads off purse-snatchin' faux servers. (Advice: Do not carry your gun in your purse or things may backfire.)

(High-fashion purse, designed by Sonny Perdue, available from Spider Bullet.)

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Coffee that rocks, WiFi that works

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Hey, look — it's my Powerbook and a triple espresso macchiato. The picture was taken at Octane, the Westside coffee shop whose "Thursday Night Throwdown" invites baristas to compete to create artsy forms like the heart atop my macchiato.

The espresso here may be the city's best — rich, almost oily, with layered flavors. The shop also serves real pastries and sandwiches.

But the really cool thing is that they offer free wireless internet service (WiFi) and — get this — it actually works!

My usual coffee hangout is the Ansley Starbucks but, once again, their WiFi doesn't work about half the time. Never mind that I pay T-Mobile $30 a month to use it.

The latest problems began when they started offering two-hour blocks of free wireless through AT&T, as well as the T-Mobile service. For several weeks now, neither service has worked consistently. Moreover, nobody knows how to get it fixed. The Starbucks peeps say they don't know what to do about it. Call T-Mobile or AT&T and they apologize, tell you they are working on it — and nothing changes.

Because my gym is an apple fritter's throw from Starbucks, it's more convenient for me to use. But I'll be spending more time at Octane until Starbucks gets its WiFi fixed, which shouldn't take more than 2, 3 or more months and 10 zillion phone calls to AT&T and T-Mobile.

You can find a mixed-media account of a Thursday Night Throwdown here.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


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Change your wardrobe a tad on Friday, July 11, and get free food! Details here.

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The Ultimate Doughnut Smackdown
The Ultimate Doughnut Smackdown

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