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Monday food links: Pour one out for Jimmy Dean

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The AP has a pretty straightforward report on the death of sausage king and country singer Jimmy Dean, but Gawker takes it one stomach-churning step further by highlighting the grossest Jimmy Dean meals. (Extra credit: enjoy the times "pancakes and sausage on a stick" have been on The Daily Show.)

Fire! AP reports that Albert Trummer, who runs the bar at Apotheke in New York City, has been arrested after performing a flaming stunt at his bar. The police may have been tipped off by the stunt appearing on The Real Housewives of New York. Oops. (Flaming Homer, anyone?)

Again from the AP: Peanut ban on airplanes possible—it could hurt the peanut industry in Georgia, already aching from the salmonella outbreak at the Peanut Corporation in Blakely last year. On the other hand, some people are deathly allergic to even the mere dust of a peanut, and people dying at 30,000 feet is no fun either. So this is a tough little nut to crack (groan).

DC's Hello Cupcake hosted a DC-themed cupcake designing contest. Here is a slideshow of the competitors. My favorites: the DC Metro map (makes Marta look pitiful by comparison), Nom Obama (because I'm a sucker for lolcats-speak), Snowpocalypse and Panda. Hey, Atlanta should have a similar competition!

Table Scraps collects bits of food news from all over the series of tubes we call the Internet.

Included: Courteney Cox tells the LA Times that Jennifer Aniston ate the same thing every day for 10 years!

The Christian Science Monitor discovers that bananas can grow in Iceland and bread can be baked by simply putting it underground for a night. (I bet they make a mean banana bread.)

You can make lasagna in the dishwasher. Why you'd want to, though, is beyond me.

Starbucks sponsors a competition to redesign the paper coffee cup in a more eco-friendly manner. Related: Starbucks aims to have free wi-fi at most of its locations starting in July.

President Obama keeps canceling a visit to Indonesia and Australia when other things, like the oil spill in the Gulf, come up. The Telegraph finds a shop in Canberra, Australia that was selling mugs to commemorate his visit. And some of these mugs actually sold before they realized their mistake. (See if you can find it!)

Have you heard of Bros Icing Bros? The New York Times takes a good hard look at the idea (and uses who/whom correctly in the headline). Basically: frat-bro types will surprise one another by presenting them a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, any flavor. Unless the surprised person has their own bottle to use as a foil, they must get on one knee and drink the entire bottle. But, if they have a foil, their attacker has to drink both. The Bros Icing Bros website has an archive of icings, including some pretty clever ones that took some forethought. (Of course, what if these bros used their brainpower on, say, their studies instead?)

In the spirit of the Charles Barkley Taco Bell ad where he says "turrible" many times, David Blend lists the 8 great moments in athlete food endorsements. Check out Larry Bird and friends doing the wave to settle some bizarre debate over what's the best part of the Boston restaurant Scotch 'n Sirloin, Scottie Pippen doing an amazingly early-90s ad for Chicago's Mr. Submarine (dig the music!), Toronto Raptors' Hedo Turkoglu being a slug on the couch while eating pizza and drinking Sprite, DJ Mbenga saying only one word but doing so in the funniest way ever...and more.

Food Network Humor is known for its snark about Food Network shows, but also has a list of McDonald's menu items from around the world. That Mega Sausage looks terrifying, but some of the options sound kind of good, like the McArabia. Also, obligatory mention of the fact that some European McDonald's locations sell beer!

Speaking of beer, Sam Adams wants to keep its "craft" status. Why? Craft beer companies pay less excise tax, so long as they produce less than two million barrels a year. A bipartisan Senate bill (because sometimes the only thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on is beer) would raise that limit to six million barrels a year. See, sometimes politics can be fun!

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