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Monday food links: Double Down all the way, oh my God

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Yesterday, Spain won the final of the World Cup, a victory 'predicted' by Paul the octopus. Paul's life is now in danger, though—Eater reports that people are sending octopus recipes to the aquarium where he lives and many German newspapers are calling for the cephalopod's head on a platter. Meanwhile, Spanish chef Jose Andres is taking octopus off all of his restaurants' menus thanks to Paul. Pity poor Paul, now everyone will want to use his 'powers' to predict everything...

What do you think about brunch? Do you go out for it every week, save it for special events, or like Bon Appetit's Foodist, absolutely hate it?

The Village Voice lists eight foods that are more trouble to eat than they're worth. Their criticisms are valid, but I'm still going to enjoy rib sandwiches (although I do indeed deconstruct mine) and Korean barbecue, thanks.

Have you seen the Double Rainbow video? If not, you must see this, plus the superbly Auto-Tuned remix. Now view the Double Down spoof. (I'm worried, though—is the cameraman DRIVING at the same time? Furthermore, what does this mean? It's starting to look like a Triple Down.)

Good news for Gulf fishers: the AP has it that all the seafood tested so far from the oil-affected Gulf is safe for eating.

Want to save a little money at the theater? Check out AMC's new policy, as seen on Consumerist. They now have to offer you an upsell or you get a free small (really more like medium) popcorn.

Prepare to feel slightly queasy: there is such a thing as a sandwich in a can. (The logo also touts some sort of "candy surprise" inside. I'm going to be sick.) Furthermore, a lawsuit's pending about the "Candwich" because one of its financier lied to investors about what they were investing in. He said they were investing in "real estate" but really it's...well, that thing with the candy surprise in it.

Celebrity chefs: they're just like us! They love junk food too! David Chang's guilty pleasure makes me think of our own Cliff Bostock and his penchant for Popeye's.

Pennsylvania, like many states, has weird liquor laws (fun thing to do: with friends from other states, compare your state's booze laws on this Wikipedia page; I always win for the 'no sale Sunday' thing, unless I'm up against someone from Connecticut). Eater explains them and profiles the state liquor control board's newfangled wine vending machine. Security features: in addition to showing ID, customers have to actually look into the camera so someone in a call center can verify that they match their ID. Plus, customers then have to take a Breathalyzer. Call me old-fashioned, but couldn't Pennsylvania provide jobs for people to, uh, sell wine in liquor or grocery stores the old-school way?

The New York Times takes a look at the bloody Mary, which the author shortens to just "bloody" later on, possibly making British readers think the author is swearing a lot. The "bloody" is described as basically being a liquid salad, open to all sorts of variations, including ones with different types of alcohol in them.

NYTPicker, which is basically devoted to nitpicking (get it?) the New York Times, takes a critical look at a reporter who tries to fry an egg on the sidewalk...but puts the egg in a frying pan. I've always understood that someone would crack an egg directly onto the pavement and watch it fry because it really doesn't get hot enough for that much heat to rise through a frying pan and fry the egg "properly." (You're not supposed to eat the thing afterward! Gross.) Silly New Yorkers, so unaccustomed to heat in the 90s that they don't even know how to do the egg-sidewalk trick!

Two from Urlesque, both with numbers: 13 useless Yelp users lists the 13 types of Yelp users to avoid, including The Tangential Ranter, The Just Couldn't Wait (my favorite) and The Mommy.

Also 27 pictures of clothing made of food. Yep, from lettuce dresses to a Nike shoe-shaped hamburger, it's all here. (How do the chocolate items not melt soon after they touch skin? Chocolate melts easily...Or maybe I'm thinking too much into it.)

Finally, Burger King has found success in its barbecued ribs (yes), reports Time. Oh, but the byline is the most interesting part to me—Josh Ozersky, who's been featured here for doing some possibly less-than-ethical things. He does explain the challenges of making ribs, though, something I'd never thought about. Clearly he's in no trouble, or Time would've suspended or fired him. What he did just looks really bad, I suppose...

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