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Wednesday food links: The sweet and the not-so-sweet

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Are we in a recession or what? Not according to these mega-expensive versions of dishes like bagels, sundaes and hot dogs, as seen on Huffington Post. Fun fact: the restaurant with the $69 hot dog already has a particular customer in mind. Cher.

TreeHugger reports on a Wisconsin school district where they changed the lunch menus and discovered a jump in positive behavior (like not carrying weapons, not fighting, and paying more attention) by doing so. Hmm...

Term Life Insurance wants you to stop drinking bottled water and made a big infographic featuring facts to hopefully encourage that.

Cookbooks are always fun. Check out 18 from celebrities who are not famous for cooking. I think the Ted Nugent one is the most up-front about exactly how the ingredients are sourced.

I personally don't watch Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern because I prefer to watch TV that doesn't make me feel like puking, but Zimmern went on Nightline to discuss his life and what he likes to eat.
He estimates he has eaten "between 60 and 70" varieties of animal, uh, male parts.
There is only one food he refuses to touch, and that's what Soylent Green is.

CNN spotlights a sweet small business: Chocomize. Owned by three college pals (all recent grads looking for work in this economy), it allows customers to fully customize the contents of a chocolate bar. Check out some of the favorites (S'mores Bar! Tighty Whiteys! I Feel Lucky!) or construct your own with choice of three chocolate bars and up to five toppings. The topping choice is as varied as you can imagine, ranging from nuts and sweets to vegetarian bacon (??), Teddy Grahams, gold flakes and crystallized flower petals.

Eric Ripert is adorable. On Twitter he used the cursed acronym "EVOO" in order to conserve characters, earning him a tartly-worded admonishment from Ruth Bourdain, who was clearly channeling the Anthony aspect of the mashup character. Ripert immediately recanted and asked Bourdain for the right way to talk about extra virgin olive oil on the Twitterbox. Hilarity!

This post asks a very important question: Are Japanese snacks cool or just weird? (The video that's the main point of this post has a narrator who's been dubbed into English by a very enthusiastic voice actor.) You can even watch some of them being made. Takoyaki caramels YEAH!

Say what you will about airplane food, but the Wall Street Journal has a report about one airline that's trying to suss out the best tastes in the air: Lufthansa. They have a flight simulator, but for passengers and not pilots, where they can change cabin pressure and everything. Various forces experienced during flight contribute to foods tasting differently than on the ground. Higher-gravity alcohol becomes weaker, for example!

Food Network Humor's parent site is opening eight new Web sites soon. One is especially apropos, "The Worst Thing I Ever Ate," which will be the foil to the Food Network Show about the best thing. (I think I shall submit to them the story of the absolute worst thing I've ever eaten. It involves dental work. Stay tuned.)

Water: the most abundant thing on Earth (but not in Georgia if we don't sort out the water wars by 2012). You can do so much with it. Harold McGee at the New York Times used it to help cut the bitterness or acidity of hard alcoholic drinks and intensely bitter coffee. Meanwhile, Serious Eats offers a recipe for boiled water. It's perfectly snarky! (It was originally just to test a new blog structure but then became a real article. As they do.)

AdFreak has a lively discussion of "entertainvertising" with the guy behind Idiocracy's Brawndo, True Blood's Tru Blood and the Ghostbusters remake's Stay-Puft Marshmallows (coming soon). It's actually a really amusing read, especially if you like the aforementioned films/shows or Anchorman. Brawndo. It's got electrolytes!

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