Reader Feedback

When you’re trying on a new pair of shoes, you usually ask for someone else’s opinion. (Unless you buy Tone-ups, apparently. Those are awful.) Well, we at Creative Loafing decided to buy a whole new wardrobe. We’ve changed the logo, the Web site and the look and feel of the newspaper.

But we couldn’t have done it without your opinion. We gathered local artists. We conducted focus groups to bounce around some of our ideas. And we even brought in national recognized design gurus for a fresh pair of eyes. We appreciated all the thoughts and views, but the one voice we cared about and will continue to care about is the voice of the reader.

So let us know what you think. (You can be honest. We can take it.) We want the good and the bad. We’ll even take the medium. So let us know what you think Atlanta. We’re happy to have your support.

Thank you.