10 things we want from the Art Papers auction

If money were no object, we would buy...

The Art Papers art auction returns to Mason Murer Fine Art this weekend. The annual fundraiser is the largest event of its kind in Atlanta. The Saturday night party and silent auction bring together work from a massive list of artists in all stages of their careers, ranging from local emerging upstarts to internationally recognized talents, with a large audience that hits the cocktail bar as consistently as the bidding sheets. Take a look at our time lapse video of the event from last year.

As with previous years, Art Papers has released a preview of some of the works in the auction for absentee bidding. As with previous years, Editor Debbie Michaud and myself don't have enough money to bid on everything we want to buy for the walls of Creative Loafing's office. We're currently scrounging through the couch in the CL break room looking for change.

Culture Editor Wyatt Williams' picks: