#NowThatIKnow campaign keeps focus on Ebola outbreak

Youth in ATL and Sierra Leone join forces to spread important message.

Despite the fact that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has more or less dropped from the headlines in the United States, there's still much to be done. Students at local nonprofit re:imagine/ATL have launched a campaign to provide funding for the fight against the deadly virus in Sierra Leone.

Dubbed #NowThatIKnow (I Can Do Something), the Tilt-sponsored fundraiser's highlight is a music video featuring a creative collaboration between youth in Atlanta and Sierra Leone. Comprised of video exchanges shared online, including interviews with the country's students about their dire circumstances since the outbreak spread, the hope is that viewers will see the project as more of "call to stand." Produced by the re:imagine/ATL students, the message involved goes beyond the slick editing and catchy hook.

"These young people want to show the world that kids are not that much different from each other no matter where they live — and that their age won't keep them from making an impact," reads the message on the fundraising page.

With 11 days left, the campaign has raised over $2,000 toward a minimum goal of $10,000 and max target of $75,000. In turn, the money (89.5 percent) will be given directly to Shine On Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone International Mission School. re:imagine/ATL will receive 8 percent of donations to cover overhead, and contribute towards future projects. The remaining 2.5 percent covers transactional fees.

re:imagine/ATL's hope is that funds will make it possible to distribute supply kits to 1,000 people in the Kono region by Shine On Sierra Leone. The kits include training material for medical workers, personal care items, and medical supplies. On top of that, the funds will contribute to health education, nurse training, beds, medical supplies, and orphan relief for 1,500 people in the Freetown region by the Sierra Leone International Mission School.

(Editor's update: The crowdfunding platform known as Tilt.com was acquired by AirBnB in 2017 and the service and website ceased operations in 2017. For complete details, see the article here.)