Wrestling - PCW: 'The Revelation' Shane Marx defends his title

Will the reigning PCW champ maintain his hold on the belt?

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Photo credit: Courtesy Platinum Championship Wrestling

"The Revelation" Shane Marx became the first PCW World Heavyweight Champion a little more than a year ago, and continues to hold the title. Though he's defeated some of the industry's most intimidating names, he faces one of his biggest challenges this Thursday — Vordell Walker. Marx forged an uneasy alliance recently with former rival Jay Fury to compete in the PCW tag team season. Here, Marx discusses retaining his title, trusting Fury, and competing before what could be the biggest crowd PCW has ever had.

You're the first and, so far, only PCW Champion, going into this show having held the title for more than a year. How do you plan on ensuring you walk out with it still around your waist?

It's pretty much the same mind-set I go into any match with. I train the same for all of my matches and just keep my mind focused and never take my opponent lightly. Vordell Walker is a tremendous talent who has been in the business for a long time. I've watched tapes and studied him and I'm training hard for this match, so I'm definitely ready for it. And I'll do everything I can to hold on to the PCW title.

A lot has changed in PCW since it started running regularly last January. Where do you think PCW stands in the wrestling world now?

I think PCW has definitely grown since last year. I think we're far better and we've had a lot of new people who have stepped it up since last year. Vandal has stepped up a lot from where he started last year and a lot of changes have happened, too. Geter is now part of the Konkrete Gorillaz, for example. But I think PCW has definitely matured and we are, more and more, defining our niche, which is a good thing because we're here to make our mark in professional wrestling.

Speaking of the Gorillaz, you've recently partnered with former Gorilla Jay Fury in the tag team season. Given the history you have with the Gorillaz, do you think this might all be a ruse and that he might still secretly be conspiring with them?

It's hard to read Jay. I've actually known Jay for years and I can never remember a time where he and I have been on the same page. So this is a little different for me as I'm sure it is for Jay. But the tag team season is a great opportunity for everybody involved, and whether it's a ruse or not, I'm going to go at this full bore. Whether Jay comes along with me or not, I'm going to do whatever it takes to get this opportunity.

Do you think going for the tag team championship might take your attention away from challengers to your PCW title?

Right now I'm just taking it one match at a time. I'm not thinking too far ahead or thinking past anybody. There's a lot of great teams and I'm just looking forward to who I'm wrestling next.

What does it mean for you as PCW champion to know that PCW could potentially be reaching so many new people during WrestleMania weekend?

We made a ripple last year, now I think we're ready to make a big splash. WrestleMania is definitely a big opportunity for PCW. Atlanta will be buzzing during WrestleMania, we understand that. But WWE's coming down to PCW territory. For something that big with such a broad audience to come to Atlanta, I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend.

You've held many other titles around the world. Do you have aspirations to someday go to WrestleMania and challenge for one of the industry's most prestigious titles?

Whether anyone admits it or not, they want to be in WWE at some point in their careers. I can't imagine anyone being a wrestler and not dreaming of someday competing at WrestleMania. For me, I would love to make it to WWE, but that's not my main focus right now. PCW is my home. PCW is where Shane Marx was born and I would love to see it grow. I know that whether I'm still there or not, PCW will grow to be bigger with or without me. I always look forward to helping PCW grow, but at the same time I'm also looking forward to furthering my career and making myself better every time I go out.