Wrestling - PCW: Savannah's Vordell Walker in it to win it

Vordell challenges PCW champ Shane Marx for championship title

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Photo credit: Courtesy Vordell Walker
Vordell Walker

When Platinum Championship Wrestling began doing its monthly shows at the Masquerade a few months ago, a new contender for the PCW World Heavyweight Championship quickly emerged. Savannah's Vordell Walker defeated everyone he faced, eventually challenging current champion Shane Marx at the conclusion of the Jan. 27 show. Walker's competed in various promotions in Georgia and Florida, and even in Ring of Honor, and he could be the toughest opponent Marx has faced since winning the title more than a year ago.

How did you get involved with PCW?

They did their big show, Sacred Ground, last September. I had contacted Steve to see if there were any open slots for that and he told me there were not. But I stayed in contact with him and eventually something came up and he wanted me to come in for the Masquerade shows. I faced one of the CAMPUS Strike Force guys at the my first one.

That was a quick victory, followed by harder fought wins against Chip Day and Kyle Matthews. Now your sights are set on the PCW title. With all of your accomplishments elsewhere, why did you decide to go for that title?

I'm not really a home federation kind of guy. I tend to travel and branch out and I feel like if you're going to go anywhere new, you might as well be going for the top prize. That's no different with PCW. I came in there with the intention of getting a title shot, like I'm going to do on March 31. I told PCW I didn't want any short cuts, give me the best competition you have and let me earn that shot. My intention wherever I go is ultimately to win the title belt.

There will be a lot of wrestling fans in town that weekend for WrestleMania. Do you see yourself ever competing at the biggest wrestling event of the year?

I'm in this to make a living and there are very few guys on the indie scene who can actually make a living doing this. When it comes to 'Mania, I can say I've main evented 'Mania 25 in Texas. They had a bunch of us as extras for John Cena's entrance. I know it sounds weird, but there was 100 guys there and none of them really looked like Cena. But I can honestly say I've main evented WrestleMania at the Reliant Stadium in front of 74,000 people. I did a show the night before for Georgia Championship Wrestling in Pell City, Ala., and drove 16 hours straight to Houston. That was definitely an experience with 74,000 people, pyro and all that.

The only other time I've gotten to participate during 'Mania weekend was back in 2008 when 'Mania was in Orlando. I was wrestling for USA Xtreme Wrestling at the Central Florida Fairgrounds and my experience working an indie show during 'Mania weekend was unreal. It was crazy. There was all kinds of media, Japanese photographers, people from all over the country packed into this pavilion where I was wrestling. I'm hoping PCW can draw that kind of crowd because fans are going to be in Atlanta starting that Monday and it's a great chance to get that product out there and get the PCW talent exposed. It's a great weekend for wrestling and if anybody's going to run a show in the Atlanta area, that's definitely the weekend to do it. I'm really excited. I've got a feeling there will be a good turnout and it will be a good event to check out.

Regardless of the outcome of this match, do you plan on continuing to work with PCW? If so, will it continue to be at their bigger monthly shows?

That match could go either way. On any given day, anybody can be beaten. I don't plan on losing; I plan on walking out with that title and being the guy that dethrones Shane Marx after a year of having that belt.

If I lose, I'll go back to the drawing board, figure out what I did wrong, come back and work my way back up. Whatever mistake I make, it won't happen again. Either way, I plan on being part of PCW until I can't do it anymore. I've barely started there yet, so I plan on being around for a while.